As Garden Coordinator for Quadra Village Community Centre, Jenny is looking forward to working with community members to maintain the Wark St. Commons and the People's Apothecary, garden areas around QVCC and other garden initiatives in Quadra-Hillside. Along with Hillside Urban Farmers For Sustainability (HUFFS) network, we also hope to be teaching and learning from our community of gardeners and want-to-be gardeners in our neighborhood. Additionally, we are actively looking for opportunities to establish an allotment garden project in Hillside-Quadra.

Come join your neighbours at the Invasive Species Eradication Party in Summit Park this coming Sunday, September 28th, from 10am to noon (ish). 

Meet at Blackwood entrance, rain or shine! Bring appropriate clothes and tools (if you have them).


This is a joint venture of NAG and the Friends of Summit Park.

Hillside Urban Farmers for Sustainability

HUFFS is a community of people, interested in food gardening, who live in or near the Hillside-Quadra, NorthPark, Fernwood area.

Our Mantra

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